Bash-Completion 1.3 released

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After almost 8 months from the previous release, the Bash Completion Team is proud to announce the release of bash-completion 1.3!

Nothing really innovative in this release. Just "boring" new completions, and bugfixes :) For some stats, this release features 184 completions, the previous (1.2) had 168. For more numbers, please read previous posts. New completions are obviously welcome!

Apart from the usual team members (Ville Skyttä, Freddy Vulto, Guillaume Rousse and me), we've had contributions from (in no particular order): Anton Khirnov, Paul Walmsley, Miklos Vajna, Andrej Gelenberg, Stephen Gildea and Andrey G. Grozin. Thank you people for helping us!

The exciting things will arrive with 2.0. So stay tuned, and enjoy the new bash-completion!

-- David

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