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For those of you who don't use experimental, the 1.6.x branch of wicd has been sitting there for some time. It had some bugreports, and I closely cooperated with upstream to get patches merged.

Here we come then, wicd 1.6.1 has been uploaded to unstable. Upstream merged all the patches I provided them (yay!), and it has lots of improvements from 1.5.9.

On the packaging side, it now provides a nice Debconf script to add/remove users to/from the netdev group (already translated into 9 languages, thanks d-i18n people!).

Upstream side:

  • it gracefully handles daemon restarts. That was a major issue before, because every package upgrade caused the GUI not to work anymore;
  • udhcpc support has been added, this is rather useful to FSO people (thanks gismo for the initial patch!);
  • a message box shows up when DBus blocks access to the daemon (just make sure you add yourself to the netdev group, and reload DBus);
  • I added support for pre/post-down connection scripts, which upstream kindly merged;
  • other smaller things :-)

I am expecting more bugs yet to come, since experimental doesn't have the same userbase as unstable, but, hey, that's how it works.

Also, I'm going to requestsync it to Ubuntu Karmic Koala as soon as possible, hope to get it there before the Debian Import Freeze, planned on Jun 25.

Enjoy it!

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